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SHIFTPLUS-MANAWATU’s Guide To a Smooth Move

Thank You for considering SHIFTPLUS for your upcoming relocation.

Being properly prepared on the day of your move can save you time and therefore money -so we have listed a few hints and reminders to help you get ready for your big day. However, should there be anything we have missed, or you would just like to ask us for some advice, don’t hesitate to call us-  we are here to help make your move stress free.


- let us know if there is a long drive, stairs or anything else that may cause delays on the day of your move

- ensure all boxes and cartons are clearly labelled and taped shut when full

- remove all items and pictures from walls

- roll floor mats together and tape

- don’t forget to look up! (into high cupboards and seldom used storage spaces etc)

- square items are easier to handle/stack than awkward shapes

- don’t water pot plants for a couple of days before moving

- label any boxes containing liquids ‘THIS WAY UP’ and ensure lids are on tight

- when packing heavy items (ie,books etc) use smaller cartons

- breakables and fragile items should be clearly labelled ‘FRAGILE’- try to keep these cartons small so they are easier to place on top of heavier items

- we cannot carry flammables or dangerous goods- this includes ammunition, BBQ/heater gas bottles,petrol cans aerosol cans,paint,glue etc

Packing-Room by Room


-empty fridge and freezer drip trays

-leave freezers full

-put items from refrigerator in chilly bins for transit

Note- Manufacturers recommend not to turn your fridges and freezers on for at least 20 minutes after relocation-this allows time for gases to settle.


-disconnect TV, stereo, DVD player etc- label and secure cables

-do you have a piano or large wall unit? Do we know about it?


-disassemble beds, put bed legs in top drawer of bedside cabinet or Chest of Drawers,head/tail boards unscrewed and bedding packed

-leave clothes in drawers

-pack ornaments into drawers with clothes if possible

-don’t forget to pack wardrobes


-disconnect washing machine and put hoses inside (don’t lose washers! )          

-remove drier from wall if possible

-empty and pack hot water cupboard and linen cupboard


-disassemble shelving

-empty lawnmower/chainsaw etc

-bundle long handled tools in groups of 4 or 5 and tape together

-disassemble swing and slide sets/trampoline etc

-empty hoses and garden furniture of water

-dispose of absorbent material from BBQ drip tray


-It’s a good idea to keep aside tea/coffee, jug and cups,a roll of toilet paper,and any medicines and baby care items you may need as soon as you arrive at your new home.

-Keep important documents etc in a safe and accessible place (e.g. passports, tickets, chequebook)

-Have that Garage Sale

-Return borrowed stuff to your neighbours!

-Pick up lent stuff FROM your neighbours!!


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